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Robots and artificial technology may have generated more hype, but the technology that truly transformed restaurant kitchens during the pandemic may well be the rectangle of touch-sensitive glass that fronts a smartphone. And operators say the impact is likely to shape back-of-house operations lo

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Potbelly Sandwich Shop CEO Bob Wright said the fast-casual chain is getting “scientific” about labor.

Those moves include hiring a new chief people officer who’ll work closely with the operations team, an hour-based labor guide and redeployment strategies during peak hours, Wright to

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Now hiring: How the labor shortage is squeezing full-service restaurants

Foodservice workers burnt out by the segment's recent instability are leaving for other industries or living on high unemployment benefits, sparking a staffing crisis as dining rooms open.

This is the first in a three-part series discussing the current labor shortage hitting the restaur

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Report: 76% of restaurant workers plan to leave jobs over low wages, tips

Dive Brief:
The top three reasons restaurant workers are leaving their jobs are low wages and tips (76%), COVID-19 safety concerns (55%) and concerns over hospitality and harassment from customers (39%), according to a One Fair Wage report released on Wednesday.
The report revealed 78% of

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Plenty of New Startup Restaurants Opening Around the Country

(RestaurantNews.com) Flhip.com has released its latest restaurant openings report, providing restaurant vendors with a sampling of fresh sales and marketing leads that can be found on their website.

Flhip provides regularly updated lead lists, allowing vendors to check for updates at any

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Viewpoint: 5 tips for navigating the challenging labor market

Penn Station East Coast Subs president Craig Dunaway shares his advice, In February 2020, the unemployment rate in the U.S. was a paltry 2.5%. Fast forward to May 2021, and we have experienced an increase of almost 250% — or a 6% national unemployment rate. You would assume that

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Natural and organic

The growth in demand for natural and organic foods

Natural and organic foods have seen skyrocketing demand throughout the pandemic, with consumers increasingly seeking out food options with a health halo. Major brands are shifting their strategies as plant-based, clean label an

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Global Covid-19 cases top 52.6 million: Johns Hopkins

WASHINGTON: The overall number of global coronavirus cases has topped 52.6 million, while the deaths have surged to 1,291,920, according to the Johns Hopkins University.
As of Friday morning, the total caseload and death toll stood at 52,643,939 and 1,291,921, respectively, the University'

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As rich nations hoard vaccines, Covid fight could stretch to 2024

Good results of the Pfizer vaccine have spread cheer across the world. Some other vaccines also look promising, and large-scale vaccination of at least health staff and other at-risk people could begin soon. Yet, experts say it could take four years to immunise the world against the coronavir

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US hospitals again under pressure with Covid on the rise

WASHINGTON: After several weeks of rapidly rising coronavirus cases, hospitals around the United States are once again overwhelmed, forcing local authorities to take new measures to cope with the

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